About Us

MathsOne is a unique institution that covers every aspect of learning Mathematics – Fun, Associated, Engaging, Interesting, Meaningful and Practical. MathsOne is a renaissance movement to promote mathematical quest in young learners. MathsOne compiles both to inculcate an innovative as well as application-based learning in students. We make learning Mathematics Fun, Associated, Engaging, Meaningful and Practical. MathsOne makes the art of learning mathematics easier.


Mathematics helps children achieve a higher level of logical thinking. It enables students to observe various situations subconsciously and deduce solutions. However, learning Mathematics alone is not the key. It is how you master it. Scholars at MathsOne have thoroughly researched the various ways in which young children think and have developed our programmes accordingly. The key points are:

  • Concept Visualization.
  • Generates Passion and Interest in Mathematics.
  • Focuses on Active Learning
  • Enhancement of Logical Thinking, Mental Ability, EQ and IQ.


We believe that students must be active learners rather than passive recipients. Active learning takes advantage of processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain and promotes memory.

The most effective learning involves recruiting various regions of the brain for learning tasks. These regions are associated with such functions as memory, different senses and higher levels of cognitive learning.



Prof. Dr. Biji Kumar R

The founder of EdConcert Research & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Prof. Dr. Biji Kumar R was awarded the Academician Excellence award from Microsoft in the year 2011, followed by an Academic Appreciation Award from Pentagram Research Center, Hyderabad in 2012. He also worked as Head of the Department (CSE) & Dean (Research & Development) for 10 years


Prof. Shana. L

Prof. Shana. L, wife of Prof. Dr. Biji Kumar is the co-founder and Managing Director of MathsOne Academy. An expert in Mathematics, who has immense knowledge and expertise in Matlab, LaTex and an index of other Scientific, Research and Mathematical software tools. She has published various papers in International Journals in the field of Cloud Computing & Image Processing