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Summer Camps

MathsOne Summer Camps are conducted at the end of every academic year to guide the children through a fun-filled math journey

Discover Olympiad (Online)

Helps to identify a child's capability and real potential that helps him/her survive in today's modern competitive world

A set of competitive assessments conducted annually to recognise and reward young learners across the globe. Global MathsOne Olympiad is a global platform intended to recognise and uplift the skills of young learners in the field of Mathematics, Puzzles, Science, Technology, Environment and Management across the globe, to showcase their calibre, and aid them in fulfilling their dreams. The programme aims to evaluate the Overall Competency of students from class 1-8, irrespective of the syllabus.

Key Objectives of this programme:-

  • To recognise young talents by assessing their knowledge levels and practical application skills
  • To provide an engaging competitive experience
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and love for Science, Technology, Environment and Management
  • To build innovative capability through critical problem-solving skills
  • To promote the innate talents and identify the areas deficient in expertise and skills as well as to elevate the areas they excel
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Math Lab

An eco-friendly lab to teach students the value of Mathematics through experiential learning

Welcome to Math Lab with MathsOne! This is the first step in ensuring that your child can have a bright future! This is the age where children develop their pattern of thinking. Mathematics helps children to achieve a higher level of logical thinking. It allows them to observe all situations subconsciously and deduce a solution. However, learning Math alone isn’t the key, it’s how you learn it. We at MathsOne introduce an innovative methodology of learning Math with skill-based Math lab. Our assessment tools research on thought, creativity, passion and career in each child. It’s unique to each! Mathematics plays a central role in modern culture and the development of new technology, therefore a basic understanding of the nature of mathematics is requisite for scientific literacy.

Mathematical objects and concepts are, like physical objects and properties, postulated to obtain a good satisfactory theory of our experience to:

  • Learn Mathematics with real-time application
  • Become confident in their ability to do Mathematics
  • Learn to communicate mathematically and become Mathematics problem solver
  • Learn to value Mathematics and identify their passion or key skills through Mathematics
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MathsOne Genius

Empowers students to learn through enthralling activities

MathsOne Genius is an activity-based learning platform, aimed to inculcate problem-solving skills in young minds. Children need an ideal as well as a positive learning environment to explore and make the learning process joyful in order to establish a sustainable foundation of knowledge to recognise and develop their latent skills.

Key Objectives of this programme:-

  • To help children develop multiple skills to meet future job requirements
  • To cultivate the habit of embracing failures
  • To make them have a precise analysis of the various situational challenges and identify problems
  • To assist them to develop the spirit of scientific curiosity and discover the fun in self-exploration
  • To grow lateral thinking abilities and learn to express, present and communicate ideas
  • To enhance practical visualization and become logical decision- makers
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Math O'Box Pvt. Ltd.

Brain Scoop

Everything a child needs for his/her holistic development

Brainscoop engages children in fun activities that impart intellectual, holistic and emotional development naturally. The program exhibits theme packed kits developed in the light of neuroscience and thought process re-engineering, enabling children to discover their potential in every aspect of life.

We have designed Brainscoop to enable every child to scoop emotional intelligence and balanced thinking into their lives through the following:

  • Math Kit
  • Language and Values Kit
  • STEM Kit
  • Art & Craft Kit
  • Health & Wellness Kit
  • Design Thinking Kit
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Kit
  • General Knowledge Kit
  • Fun Zone Kit
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MATH O’BOX comprises a plethora of activities which evoke the curiosity inside every child.

MATH O’BOX is a collection of an ingenious set of Math activities to evoke the innate curiosity in every child. The activities contained are carefully selected to ensure that the learning needs of the particular age group are satisfied. All puzzles and activities of the box are scrutinised at multiple checkpoints to ensure safety and age suitability.

MATH O’BOX is available under three categories catering to the children of age from 3 to 12. Children are provided with the opportunity to build, explore and test all kinds of experiments and contraptions, using each box activity, built for their age group, making them familiar with the conceptual understanding process. It develops self-learning skills and allows them to study according to his or her skills. The child will also learn the operation of different equipment, the purpose of operation, and finally, create a model according to their aesthetics and skills. Thereafter, the child will begin to show interest and active involvement in the actionable learning process.

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MathsOne Publications

MathsOne Publications is a fast-growing Research and Publications entity that provides dedicated and unique educational products for children all over India. MathsOne Publications, backed by a well-experienced R&D team, has been making relentless efforts to develop educational books and publications, which serve as the best companions of a growing child.

Each individual's understanding differs from another and hence, we believe that it is important to evoke self-learning ability and creative thinking in the reader through each learning product. Every bit of information is carefully selected and sorted to impart the best quality knowledge that is at par with global educational standards. Each book is creatively and aesthetically designed with easy to follow illustrations, which makes our whole range of products child-centric and unique. A few of our most sought-after categories of publishing are given below.

  • MathsOne Olympiad Champions Guides
  • MathsOne Olympiad Question Banks
  • MathsOne Puzzle Books
  • MathsOne Everyday Math
  • MathsOne Comprehensive Guides
  • MathsOne Wonder Book
  • MathsOne Textbooks
  • MathsOne Teachers Manuals
  • MathsOne Work Books
  • MathsOne Solution Manuals
  • MathsOne MathLab Teachers Manuals
  • MathsOne MathLab Work Books
  • MathsOne Logical Reasoning Book
  • MathsOne Ebooks
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MathsOne Academy

This service is offered to school going students studying CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE curriculum. The novel and innovative training methodology is developed indigenously and is unique.

  • Intensive initial and continued training and support that covers all aspects of our business
  • Full access to our training manuals and franchise management portal which allow open communication and sharing of ideas within our network
  • Recruitment and staff training support
  • Parent guidance and support

  • Learn how to gain high return on your investment
  • Learn to build Brand reputation and technical Know-How
  • Complete assistance in setting up your own MathsOne learning centre
  • Customized software that handles invoicing, accounting and academic-related operations at your centre
  • Detailed marketing and promotion support, including collateral design and marketing communication mix
  • Guidance in recruiting and evaluating faculties
  • Training Franchisee's staff & faculty to achieve proper management of the centre
  • A curriculum that is well researched and developed along with a proven academic delivery methodology

In this mode of training, elite category educational institutions are supported with the Math expertise and research-backed insights acquired by us. Schools are provided with superior quality Math workbooks, and teachers are trained for identifying and, transferring the fun-filled way of learning Math, thus enabling the student to carry the knowledge acquired along with their life journey.

  • MathsOne Summer Camps are conducted at the end of every academic year to guide the children through a fun-filled math journey

  • MathsOne Civil Service Academy (MaCSA) covers all the relevant concepts and their applicability in the present society
  • Students will be guided and taught on how to be in sync with national as well as international affairs, which will automatically improve their grades as well
  • Students are taught how to skim through and prepare notes from newspapers

  • MathsOne follows a unique method of aptitude learning where the classwork becomes homework and vice versa. It is not just aspirants mastering exam tricks or word manuals.
  • We sharpen their common sense skills, which is a core mantra to crack any aptitude question in any premier competitive examination.
  • Classroom sessions of the highest quality and superior humane and personalised approach are the hallmarks of pedagogy at MathsOne.